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e-Learning "Future of IT-enabled Services"

future_of_work.jpgAPPLICATIO was commissioned by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH to create an e-Learning course on the "Future of IT-enabled services". The overall goal of this course is to provide a self-paced e-Learning module for policy makers (state and societal actors) to gain knowledge, insights, and best practice approaches on the future of IT-enabled work in the Global Service Sector. (Graphics: (c) GIZ)

The course - with a duration of app. 1.5 hours will be developed for and offered on The e-Learning Course in particular focuses to answer the following questions:
  • Which opportunities arise from the access to the global labour market both for employers and employees?
  • What can we imagine for the next generation of urban service workers? What changes can we anticipate?
  • Compared to other African countries already involved in the BPO sector, which best practices can be shared?
  • Which cross-sectoral approaches are shaping the future of work in African countries?

The course will be provided in both languages French and English

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