Mongolei_-_Urlaub_2004_66.jpgAPPLICATIO (jointly with  ICON Institute GmbH) has been selected by  EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) to plan and implement a project that supports business associations in Mongolia. The project aims at supporting about 20 business associations form all over Mongolia form end of 2014 to end of 2015 by assisting them in developing strategies, and planning for members' services such as training and advocacy.

EBRD implements the project on behalf of the European Commission. The overall programme aims at creating and enabling business environment for small and medium enterprises in Mongolia by assisting related associations in developing themselves as well a demand-driven members' services.

APPLICATIO's tasks include but are not limited to

  • Planning of the project and implementation approach
  •  Planning and implementation of training measures and coaching for each association
  • Development of services for association members
  • Monitoring and evaluation

In total APPLICATIO jointly with ICON will make available up to 8 international and 15 national experts for the one year programme.

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