Flag_of_Namibia.svg.pngAPPLICATIO assists the GIZ-Namibia Programme "Partnership for Economic Growth in Namibia" in setting up a database of consultants and experts for several socio-economic and political topics. The programme aims at having at hand a pool of consultants to draw form flexibly.  

GIZ has been working in Namibia on behalf of the German government since the country gained its independence in 1990. Based on the agreement between the governments of Namibia and Germany, the German cooperation’s activities focus on the areas natural resources management, transport and sustainable economic development.

In order to contribute to the achievement of Namibia’s national development goals, GIZ regularly commissions studies and reports to external experts with in-depth knowledge of specific socio-economic as well as policy sectors. Against this background, GIZ is now developing - with the assistance of APPLICATIO - a market survey and in a second step a comprehensive database of professional Namibian-based consultancies and individual experts.

APPLICATIO's responsibilities consists of 

  • Planning
  • Development of Consultants' profiles
  • Development and execution of an online survey 
  • Development of the Consultants' database 

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