cooperationDEAPPLICATIO supports GIZ and its "Sector Project Education" (on behalf of BMZ) through developing a Human Capacity Development (HCD) Strategy in the frame of the activties on "Education and Training in fragile and conflict countries." Objectives of the sector project is to develop innovative appraoches - in accordance with the BMZ conception and approaches on vocational training - and to bring these into national and international discussions as part of the design and implementation of projects of German development cooperation (DC)  in the BMZ partner countries.

Measures of education and vocational training can have a stabilising effect as they show young adults positive employment prospects and support the social coherence in fragile contexts. In September 2012, the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry of Defence and the BMZ have adopted joint "Guidelines for cooperation with and dealing with fragile states". These guidelines will help to make the German engagement in fragile states coherent and strategic. The focus on education and training funding to fragile contexts is highlighted in both the BMZ Education Strategy "Ten goals for more education" of January 2012, and in the BMZ Strategy Paper of November 2012.

The development process and the resulting papers, studies and materials should be developed in a way that they can be used for the development and implementation of an HCD-Strategy for education and training of professionals and executives of German development cooperation and from the partner countries. APPLICATIO supports the project by creating the appropriate HCD strategy.

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