APPLICATIO supports sequa (www.sequa.de) in planning a vocational education partnership project between HWK Frankfurt (Chamber of Crafts) and IHK Gießen-Friedberg (Chamber of Commerce) and local partners in Kenya. During a fact-finding mission potential partners are to be identified and a possible project is to be planned based on local needs.

Sequa is a non-profit development organisation, promoting the development of the private sector and its business membership organisations as well as vocational qualification. sequaʼs shareholders are Germanyʼs top business member- ship organisations (DIHK, ZDH, BDA, BDI) and GIZ.

The BBP programme is targeted at contributing to sustainable economic development and poverty reduction in the BMZ partner countries by improving the local vocational education and training system.

BBP projects are characterised by:

  • mobilising of the know-how of German BMOs and their VET Centers for development cooperation
  • promoting the cooperation of civil society actors in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity
  • building on private sector initiatives

By now sequa has implemented about 10 BBP projects (see to projects worldwide) in developing and transition countries with various chambers of crafts, industry and commerce as well as local craftsmen associations.

The cooperation focuses on:

  • organisational development at VET-Centers to make traineeship more practice-oriented
  • Defining a system that matches demand and supply on the labour market
  • the introduction of practical pilot trainings in new vocational fields

APPLICATIO supports the project by:

  • Planning and implementing a fact-finding mission to Kenya
  • Development of a project planning
  • Development of a report for BMZ to decide about the possible project sponsoring

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