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APPLICATIO supports GIZ in its project "Transboundary Water Management in SADC" in the field capacity development for the SADC-Secretariat. The project aims at strengthening human, institutional and organisational capacities in the SADC water sector. In addition basin-wide water resources management plans will be developed and water infrastructure in different regions will be improved. Finally the programme develops tailor-made training programmes and information and knowledge management systems including awareness-raising measures. 

APPLICATIO supports the project by identifying water infrastructure finance schemes and institutions in the region. Firstly schemes and financing partners will be identified and analysed and concepts for the development of capacity development measures will be developed.

APPLICATIO's tasks include:

  • Concept development
  • Research on water infrastructure finance schemes and instruments 
  • Analysis of financing schemes and instruments as well as institutions and their offers 
  • Development of at least three concepts for capacity development measures to be developed based on the research results 
  • Project management 

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