JemenAPPLICATIO supports GIZ in the implementation of the results of the National Dialogue in Yemen by supporting and strengthening the Office of the Presidency in the frame of the "Transformation Support Programme (TSP). The programme supports the transformation process in Yemen in economic and political fields. The TSP is engaged in the most important topics of the transition and directly supports the national transformation strategy through capacity development in central and local administration.

Central aspects of the transformation agenda are inter alia:

  • customer oriented public administration on communal levels
  • independent and strong judicative with respective human capacities to fully support transparent transformation processes
  • an independent institution to protect human rights that is in a position to fully fulfil its mandate.

APPLICATIO's tasks in the frame of the project include:

  • Concept development
  • Planning and implementation of workshops
  • Online and on-the-job coaching and consulting
  • Monitoring and evaluation

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