Here you can find an overview of projects implemented successfully by APPLICATIO (only projects since 2005 included)

Year Project Title Country Contracting Party Description Partner
2013 E-Learning Management Course Indonesia: ID GIZ Planning and implementation of an E-Learning Course for the Forestry Sector of Indonesia Sibylle Tuschter
2014 Workshop E-Learning in GIZ Projects India GIZ Planning and implementation of a workshop to introduce E-Learning in two GIZ projects in India --
2014 - 2015 Women in Business Western Balkans EBRD Development and Implementation of trainings for women-led businesses CEFE Serbia
2014 Water Infrastructure Finance Instruments SADC SADC GIZ Analysis of Water Infrastructure Finance Instruments in SADC --
2014 Tourism-Training Stakeholder Analysis Georgia: GE GIZ Implementation of a Tourism-Training Stakeholder Analysis in Georgia --
2014 Team Building GIZ Afghanistan Tajikistan: TJ GIZ Planning and Implementation of a Team-Building Workshop for a GIZ Project in Afghanistan --
2014-2015 Support to the Transition Process of Jemen Yemen GIZ Planning and implementation of a transition journey with the Office of the Presidency of Yemen --
2014-2015 Support to Business Associations - Mongolia Mongolia EBRD Support to Business Associations in Mongolia in the field of strategy development and services for members ICON
2014 Study Tour E-Learning and ITMS Germany: DE GIZ Support to GIZ for the organisation and implementation of a study tour/learning journey “E-Learning /ITMS” for 12 leading administration officers from South Africa --
2014 Project Planning TVET in Kenia Kenia sequa Planning of a vocational education partnership programme of sequa in Kenia --
2014 Leadership Training IAEA Austria IAEA Planning and implementation of leadership trainings for IAEA --
2014 HCD-Strategy Sector Education worldwide GIZ Development of a HCD-Strategy for the Sector Project on Education and Vocational Education --
2014 HCD-Strategy Good Financial Governance Africa GIZ Development of a HCD-Strategy for the programme "Good Financial Governance in Africa" --
2014 - 2015 Feasibility Study R&D Centre Bio Products Namibia Namibia KfW / MET Development of a Feasibility Study for the establishment of a R&D Centre for Bio Products in Namibia NNF
2014 Evaluation System Serbian European Integration Office Serbia GIZ Development of a Training Evaluation and Monitoring System for SEIO --
2014 Evaluation HCD TVET Myanmar Myanmar GIZ (UNEVOC) Evaluation of the HCD component of the programme "Promotion of TVET in Myanmar" --
2014 Establishment of a Training Centre REDD+ in SADC SADC GIZ Establishment of a Training Centre REDD+ in SADC incl. partner identification, training development, training-of-trainers --
2014 Consultants' Database Namibia Namibia GIZ Development of a Consultants' Database for GIZ Namibia --
2014 Blended-learning course Project Management Namibia Namibia GIZ Planning and implementation of a blended-learning course on project management for the Ministry of Land and Resettlement Namibia --
2014 Alumninetwork Consulting Balkan Balkan Region GIZ Support to Alumni of Zoran-Djindjic-Internship Porgrammes in developing a network --

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